Manufacturing Services


Flexographic Printing up to 4 Spot Colors

Printing on a rotary press (like a giant rolling rubber stamp) using water-based ink to print directly onto the corrugated board. Used for various types of food packaging, it is also great for printing large areas of solid color. Graphics are printed directly onto the board. Through new technologies and with careful image selection and preparation, the quality of the printing can be very comparable to the litho label laminating, and provides an economic benefit. It's not the best for reproducing photos - but crisp line art and bold graphics look great.


Offset Lithographic Printing

Using a process based on the repulsion of oil and water, printing is accomplished when an image is transferred onto a rubber plate. The plate contains image areas which attract oil-based ink from the rollers, and the non-image areas attract a water based "fountain solution" to keep them ink-free. This is the standard printing method for magazines, catalogs, brochures, etc. It's the preferred solution where high quality printing with lots of color and detail is desired. Litho prints are applied to corrugated board by lamination. (See Below).



Using a porous nylon screen, artwork is transferred to the screen and a photographic process allows ink colors to flow onto the surface. Also known as screen-printing.


Top Sheet Laminating (Singleface Laminating or Single Face Laminating)

Bonds a heavy weight litho label, 10 or 12pt SBS sheet or pre-printed sheet to the flutes side of corrugated material. It produces a higher quality graphic and finished container. The addition of a "top sheet" virtually hides the flutes so it no longer looks like corrugated once it is folded up. Typically used for very high end like alcohol, cosmetics and tobacco promos, displays and packaging. In higher quantities the top sheet can be cheaper than traditional litho laminating. And yes the glue is water based.

Litho Laminating (Litho-Laminating or Litho-Laminated Packaging)

The offset litho sheet or "label" is adhered to the flat face of the corrugated board. Creates a high quality graphic display or packaging but the corrugated flutes may show ever so slightly. Allows us to adhere 4-color process printing on displays. We use water-based glues but can also use a resin or rubber based when necessary.


Die Cutting

The process of using the sharp steel dies to cut special shapes for labels, boxes and containers. We have both rotary and flatbed die cutters to meet the needs of any job.

Folding & Gluing

Our automated folding and gluing machines pre-assemble boxes so they are delivered to our customers ready-to-use.

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