Art Specs

Look at you, jumping right into the design! Before you begin creating art, contact your sales rep or the graphics department to get the die template of your choice. All the die templates are provided in Adobe Illustrator.

In order to help ensure that your files will be produced as you intend, please follow our below art spec guidelines.

  • Mac OS preferred
  • If using a Windows environment, convert all fonts to outlines, and visit this website:
  • Adobe Illustrator files only please
  • Adobe Photoshop images should be linked in the die template in Illustrator
  • Please keep Photoshop files layered so we can make adjustments if needed
  • If InDesign files are received, we will convert them to Illustrator, and every effort will be made to accurately represent your design intentions
  • All files are created at 100% on a 1:1 scale to the die
  • Linked images must be at 300 dpi, CMYK, and placed at 100% size
  • Do not embed images
  • Convert all fonts to outlines, or include the printer and screen fonts
  • For flexographic printing specs, please download the flexographic specs PDF
  • Please request the structure/die line with designing guides from your sales rep to make your life easier.
  • Bleed art and images 3/8" past the die cut edge.
  • Download the full CCC Art Specs PDF here

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