Structural and Graphic Design



So you didn't see what you wanted in our list of products? Is your product shaped like a rhombus, not a square? Does your widget have special display needs? No problem. Custom work is our favorite part. If you have an idea, we can build it. If you have no ideas, we can still build it. We're crafty and smart like that. Click through our graphic and structural design processes and our rendering options.


Structural Design

Using advanced Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems, we can design everything from a standard rectangular shipping carton to a complex, multi-piece store display.


Structural Samples and Mockups

Our CAD sytem is connected to a cutting table to accurately cut and score samples for customer review. In addition, we have large format printing capabilities to add graphics to the samples for a complete full-color printed mockup of the finished item prior to manufacturing.


Die Creation

We have sharp steel templates made that are used for cutting. Like cookie-cutters, on a larger scale, they are used in addition to printing plates to create special shapes from flat pieces of corrugated, or printed sheets, before they become boxes.


Graphic Design

We are basically an advertising agency inside a manufacturing plant. We have all the cool tools to play with and then can walk out our back door and watch our work come to life.

Using advertising industry standard applications (Adobe products), we can create graphics for your POP or packaging from scratch. You can supply us with artwork, with pieces and elements, or let us select them. We’ll work with structural design to ensure that the shape of the package or POP display best suits your product, and that it will be quite stunning.

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